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Typopeltis crucifer Photo Gallery

Vinegaroon Photos

Click photos to enlarge.

 Typopeltis crucifer

1. Gravid female protecting male.

 Typopeltis crucifer

2. T. crucifer defensive stance.

 Typopeltis crucifer

3. Mature pair gaurding their retreat.

 Typopeltis crucifer

4. Captive female with egg sac.

 Typopeltis crucifer

5. First instar, captive T. crucifer.

 Typopeltis crucifer

6. First instar, captive T. crucifer.

 Typopeltis crucifer

7. Female cannibalizing a baby.

 Typopeltis crucifer

8. Sexual differences in mature T.crucifer.

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Last Updated: July 11, 2014
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