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A0001 - Nantou County, Taiwan

  • Family:

    • Subfamily:

      • Genus:

        • Species:

          • Sub species:

    Morphological Description

    Body length approximately 6-7 cm on the 2 large specimens we photographed. Legs very long, probably reaching at least 15+cm in total diameter of legspan.

    Habitat and Distribution

    Found on moist rock wall surfaces, near water sources such as small creeks and ponds. Rock/concrete walls were always moist. We found these spiders in Taomi, Nantou County from 7pm through to midnight.


    Specimen #2 was found on a rock wall about 80cm above ground. Standing seemingly in ambush position, it was directly above a 3" drainage pipe that went through the wall into the cliffside to allow waterto escape. Such pipes are often home to many different aniamls, and it is thought the spider was ambushing prey at this site. Specimen #1 was on moist rocks about 4m from a frog pond.

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Last Updated: May 27, 2014
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